“Cancer saved my life”

Anita Moorjani


Hello, my name is Dr Sue Miller and I’m the founder of Inner Prosperity. In March 2014, my 44 year old brother died and this was my second sibling to have transitioned. I also lost my beloved dog, Axel, and my son’s twin brother, Max, in utero in the preceding years. A few months after my brother passed, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Grief was the catalyst for the tumour. I was half way through chemotherapy, bald, and deeply suffering, when I had a profound experience of spiritual awakening. The Holy Spirit entered my body and I was instantly healed from a state of hopelessness to hopefulness. My heart opened, gifts of energy healing emerged and my intuition were simultaneously awakened. In that moment, I was healed and my life never looked the same again. It is from these experiences of deep suffering and inner transformation that my passion and devotion to helping others emerge. I can help people out of the hole of suffering and to find freedom from their oppressive feelings.

Life is great. Life is wonderful. Even when the shit is going down, which happens to ALL of us, I help people to keep their heads above water and find their way through the darkness. I help people to find The Light and to find their own Light. I help clients remove their glasses of suffering so that they may feel whole and experience life as good again. You don’t need to suffer any more. Your family doesn’t need to suffer anymore. I have the best job in the world. In fact, being with people and helping them to think, feel and do better doesn’t even feel like work. I’m blessed to earn a living in this capacity and I look forward to connecting with you. Make a booking today … you’re making a good choice.


  • Clinical Psychologist Endorsement | AHPRA | 2019
  • PhD (ClinPsych) | Edith Cowan University | 2012
  • BA (Hons) Psych | Edith Cowan University | 2007
  • BA (Psych) | Edith Cowan University | 2006