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Emailed to book in for a healing session.

Booking Procedure | Free Medicare Bulk Billed Sessions with a GP Referral

  1. Please send an email to outlining the reason for treatment, who it is for and include your phone number. You will receive an email reply as soon as possible, usually within 5 days, and I will email you a letter that you can take to your GP to get the referral. If you already have a GP referral and MHCP, skip ahead to #5.
  2. Please book a long appointment to see your GP (it takes longer for the GP to do an assessment and create the plan than a usual 15 minute consultation).
  3. Go to your GP to get a referral and a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), for 6 sessions. Please note, I do not accept an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program Referral; if your GP gives you one, please ask for a MHCP instead.
  4. Email
    1. Your GP referral and MHCP
    2. Advise which day(s) of the week you can attend, and whether you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment. I will then do my very best to match a session time to your availability.
  5. I will then email you an intake and consent form. Please complete, sign and email all forms at least 2 days before your first appointment.
  6. After your initial 6 sessions, I will send a letter to your GP outlining that you’ve attended treatment. I will also request an additional 4 sessions if they are required. The letter is usually sent within 6 days of the last session. I will confirm when this has been done so you can return to the GP for the second referral.
  7. Book another long appointment to see your GP to get the second referral (called a “review” referral) for the additional 4 sessions.
  8. Finally, I will send a second letter to your GP advising them of treatment attendance. If additional sessions are needed, you can continue as a private client. A discount is offered for Centrelink card holders.

You’re entitled to 10 Medicare sessions each calendar year. Your entitlement resets on every January 1st. You will be eligible for a new referral 3 months after the date of the second review referral. E.g., if your referral for the additional 4 sessions was dated 20 October 2020, you will be eligible to get a new referral for 6 sessions on 20 January 2021.

** Attention SHIFT WORKERS. If you are a shift worker and unable to commit to a regular fortnightly session (i.e., a session on the same day and time each fortnight), please contact me first to check on availability as places are limited.

** Please also let me know if you have a very flexible schedule as you may be able to go on the cancellation list for sessions which requires short notice availability.

Insurance and DVA Claims

1. Insurance Claims (Insurance Commission Western Australia and WorkCover)

I am happy to receive referrals from your GP for insurance related psychological assessment and treatment.

2. Trauma Treatment for Eligible Veterans Through the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

I am happy to receive referrals from your GP for DVA related psychological assessment and treatment.


Thank you. We look forward to working with you. Any questions, please email