Through guided meditation, ThetaHealing processes enable me to rewrite your faulty software and download you with new functional programs. We can access past lives, change core belief programs that have been running since childhood, we can teach you new feelings, complete lesson so you don’t have to keep reenacting the same old dramas, and other downloads to accelerate your healing.

So what happens in a ThetaHealing session? Either sitting up or lying down, I will guide you through a simple meditation where you are grounded to Mother Earth and then connected to the seventh plane. The seventh plane is pure unconditional love that runs through everything, a.k.a., The Creator Of All That Is. With your permission, I will request and witness your healing. While belief work (identifying and replacing dysfunctional beliefs that have been operating in your life), completing lessons, and downloads, are a part of the process, we can also do manifesting, future readings and healing past lives etc.

While it is possible to come along for a one off session, I would encourage you to commit to at least 10 sessions, and for deeper work over 20 session. The more you do, the more you will evolve.

I would also encourage you to train in this modality for yourself. There are many amazing teachers in Australia and globally. ThetaHealing is a system which enables you to work on yourself and others. We need more Lightworkers connected to the True Source of Unconditional Love to raise the vibration of planet Earth. When you do ThetaHealing, you are doing all this and more.

So, in summary, the only energy healing modality I now do is ThetaHealing because this is how I see the fastest and greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time. I encourage a daily meditation and breathwork practice, alongside ThetaHealing, both as a recipient &/or practitioner, to maximise its effects.

So far I have completed ThetaHealing training in:
* ThetaHealing Basic DNA | Jul 2020
* ThetaHealing Advanced DNA (repeated once) | Aug 2020, Jan 2022
* ThetaHealing Digging Deeper (repeated once) | Jan & May 2021
* ThetaHealing Soulmate | May 2021
* ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance | Jul 2021
* ThetaHealing You & Your Inner Circle | Nov 2021
* ThetaHealing You & Your Significant Other | Nov 2021
* ThetaHealing You & The Creator | Dec 2021
* ThetaHealing World Relations | Jan 2022
* ThetaHealing DNA3 | Feb 2022
* ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy | Mar 2022
* ThetaHealing Wealth Consciousness | Apr 2022
* ThetaHealing Animal Communication & Healing | Apr 2022

Founder Vianna Stibal website:

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Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation and breathwork are foundational practices to inner transformation, so I want to share these powerful practices with you because they will change your life.

The untrained mind is like a wild stallion and it will crap all over the place creating drama and emotional upset for you at every opportunity. The world outside of yourself is a mirror reflecting what’s inside of you. Meditation and breathwork enable you to train that wild stallion, so you can stop projecting and taking things personally. You are empowered to respond rather than react and this means you can live a more fulfilling life with greater emotional closeness and connection with others.

Through my guided meditations, I will show you how to train your wild stallion. I have clients come in who tell me that they have never been able to meditate, it never worked for them. So they surprise themselves that after meditating with me that, in fact, there in mind was able to settle and focus, they were able to experience a presence, focus and concentration in their mind and body that they never had before. If you are open, along the way in our meditation of breath work journey together, you will learn transformative belief systems which help you to mentally let go and align yourself with The Creator so that you will be in greater alignment.

I conducted a series of workshops a few years ago, something that I will get back to, and one of the things I taught was breathwork. On the anonymous feedback forms I was struck by how frequently the comment was made about the benefit of having learnt about their breathing. Their breathing had been stressed, chest breathing instead of relaxed, belly breathing which was contributing to their mental and emotional distress. Although our body’s breathe themselves, we need to bring conscious awareness to our breathing because, when we do, we self regulate and improve our mental and emotional well-being. How does it get any better than that?!

If you engage in meditation and breathwork with me, what is required of you is a daily practice at home, and the more the merrier. The more you put into this practice, the more you will get out of it. I can’t do it for you, I can only be your guide. You need to put in the effort and over time you will harness the power of the wild stallion and use its energy to achieve your dreams and goals.

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Relationship Counselling

“Thanks for everything Sue! I can understand why you have a 6 month waiting list. Your guidance over our 31 sessions is appreciated and the outcome is I’m a better person, a better father, a better husband, a better son and a better manager, I think that covers it. Thanks to you, we are armed with the necessary tools to support each other, upwards and onwards from here.” Ray L. (Permission granted to reproduce here.) Although I completed two years of training in family and couples therapy at William Street Family Therapy Centre back in 2010, it wasn’t until I experienced my own divorce in 2018 that I really developed a strong passion for working with couples. I ferociously began consuming training material daily because I knew there had to be a better way to do relationship. I’m really pleased to let you know that I found the holy grail in my advanced relationship counselling studies. I dove deeply into couples’ experts like Sue Johnson (Emotionally Focussed Therapy), Esther Perel, Terry Real (Relational Life Therapy), and Ian Kerner (sex therapy), amongst others.

As I watched these training videos I would literally cry at times, realising that if only my then husband and I had gone to couples counselling, it could’ve saved our marriage. My ex-husband was my soulmate, he was (and still is) a wonderful man, but we couldn’t make it work because we kept putting our big fat fingers into each other raw spots and creating disconnection. In other words, our dysfunctional ways of relating, learnt from our families of origin, kept getting in the way of us connecting in a loving and respectful way.

I don’t want separation or divorce for you. Often couples come and see me when their bond has all but eroded and what I see is that good quality couples counselling turn things around when each are invested. Many people are very reluctant to go to couples therapy because they feel vulnerable or they fear being made out be made out to be the bad guy/gal, but when couples come and they realise that there are no bad guys, but two people who have have gotten themselves stuck in a really bad dance and that they can learn new dance steps, then reluctance transforms into willingness.

Perhaps, rather than couples counselling, a better term is relationship counselling because I also work with adult children and their parents, and collegial relationships that have fallen apart. I can help you to achieve emotional resolution in your relationship so that they can move forward with greater understanding, deeper compassion and forgiveness toward each other.

One couple that I finished sessions with earlier this year (2021), told me that they were planning a renewal of their vowels as a result of our therapy. I felt so delighted and elated with this announcement. I felt deeply honoured when they said they were inviting me to the ceremony. Indeed, your first marriage is dead. It no longer works, it is no longer functional. What we will create together, through therapy, is your second marriage, that is, the same partner, but a completely new dynamic. One that is based on respect and I am excited to be a part of this journey to relationship recovery with you both.

Other times, couples do come to me to consciously end their relationship. With both people present, wecan consciously process your relationship and it’s ending and help you to work toward healthy, functioning coparenting if children are involved.

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Ceremonial Cacao

Welcome to the exciting world of traditional plant medicine and its healing potential. A ceremonial dose of cacao is usually 40g, but if you have sensitivities it would be recommended to start with a 10g, 20g or 30g dose. The mix that I normally create is with organic almond milk, organic chilli powder, organic cinnamon powder and one organic Medjool date as a sweetener. The chilli powder and cinnamon have health benefits, but they also enhance the flavour profile. If you don’t like the idea of almond milk, we can always do organic coconut cream or, as is traditionally, done straight up with water. My water, by the way, is triple blessed reverse osmosis. Drinking good quality water is really important to cleanse toxins from our body and ideally you’re having 2L-3L daily.

I sip on a concoction of ceremonial cacao as I write this because I want to share with you the Spirit of Cacao as it flows through my heart and throat chakras. Ceremonial cacao is generally grown and prepared overseas, although I do know of at least one company here in Australia growing it. It is a plant medicine that has been grown and processed reverentially. As you prepare and consume the drink, it is important that you are relaxed and set quality intentions. This is a very gentle plant medicine that works on opening your spiritual heart, your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. It is very different to other plant medicines like mushrooms, marijuana and ayahuasca, which are stronger and potentially psychedelic.

The first time I had ceremonial cacao was in Margaret River with a friend who I hadn’t seen for many years. We first met at the International Meditation Centre here in Perth. My son was nine, and Sarah, now with two preschoolers, invited me to have ceremonial cacao. I excitedly said yes as it had already hit my radar but I hadn’t done it. I had recently seen it for sale at the wonderful Hairy Lentil cafe in Waroona and I was curious about it. A couple of weeks before I also had a client mention that she went on a retreat down south (south west Western Australia) and participated in a group cacao ceremony. So there was a lot of synchronicities lining up around embracing ceremonial cacao into my life.

When Levi and I went back to our apartment at Abbey Beach Resort, I needed quiet reflection time. My son was in sheer delight as he got to have some extra screen time (he usually only has half an hour a day) while I meditated. So meditation and going within came easy with the cacao in my system. I had my iPad beside me so I could take notes as a flow of information was coming through heart from The Creator. My inner guidance/intuition/higher self, whatever you want to call it, was speaking to me loud and clear. The essential message was that I need to transition out of traditional psychology work and into energy medicine, specialising in ThetaHealing and couples counselling. The only traditional psychology that I was to maintain was relationship counselling.

I heeded these words and created a plan to transition my private practice over the coming 12 months. Ceremonial cacao opened my heart and allowed the intuitive guidance, that was for my highest good, to flow through. This information could not otherwise be accessed so easily. After this first experience with Sarah, I instantly became enamoured with it. As is typical of me, shouting all good things from the mountain top, I began experimenting with different varieties of ceremonial cacao and sharing it with clients. And so, this is my personal invitation to you…to connect with your highest self through this beautiful and gentle plant medicine that benefits you physically and spiritually.

I have been studying this with some depth, including completing a course called Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics and there’s quite a bit on YouTube also. What I discovered is that the ceremonial cacao is called Food of the Gods because of its incredible health benefits. As someone who has a plant based diet and a particular interest in heart health, having a regular ceremonial cacao ticks many boxes. A really great tip is to take a good source of vitamin C (as a supplement, fruit or vegetable) with your ceremonial cacao as this enables the absorption of non-heme iron naturally found in cacao. I just take a supplement as this is much easier and I can provide this for you when we do a ceremony together if you wish.

I’m really excited to be able to to explore this with you. 

Guided healing imagery, inner child work & emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Details coming soon

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