Non-Medicare Private Healing Services

Available | Monday to Saturday

Location  | Craigie

Bookings | Email

Cost        | $250 / 60 minutes (unless otherwise stated)


Please note that these services are only available as private sessions since, unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t PROVIDE REBATES AT THIS POINT IN TIME.


1. ThetaHealing

Click here to learn more about the incredible technique that is ThetaHealing.

2. Access Consciousness | Access Bars

3. Reiki and Counselling

Sue is a Reiki Usui Master, an Advanced Practitioner of Reiki Tummo (Level 3A) and a Level 1 Healing Touch practitioner. Aim to engage in at least 4 to 6 treatments to gain full benefit and 12 to 20 for complex issues. Everything that manifests in your life starts at the energetic level. Reiki balances your energy systems including your energy bodies, chakras, meridians and nadis.
This powerful treatment will restore you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. People (and animals) of all ages thrive with regular Reiki treatments.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT; aka tapping) “is a remarkably effective combination of a special form of cognitive therapy and acupressure,” Dr Gabrielle Rutten (MD). It is powerful as it is rapid, effective and a non-toxic deep treatment that heals at the causal level. It is a highly focused energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system. First, you bring your attention to a distressing memory and symptom. Second, your therapist walks you through a process of voicing specific statements while tapping on a series of acupuncture meridian points. This activation reduces levels of stress while stimulating processing of previously stuck emotions and habit patterns. Once learnt, you can perform EFT on yourself, by yourself.

5. Biofeedback

Using a device (e.g., Apple Watch and/or HeartMath biofeedback devices) to achieve coherence and self-regulation in real-time.

6. Death Rites / Death Doula (mobile option available at $350 / 60 minute session)

A conscious process of surrendering to the end of this life. The goal is to become conscious and whole before transitioning from this life to the next. To have a conscious death, to die consciously and journey consciously back home to the world of spirit.

7. The Emotion Code Treatment 

Magnetic therapy with muscle testing by Bradley Nelson who is a holistic chiropractor.

8. Tuning Fork Vibrational Healing

Based on the work of Eileen McKusick’s Biofield Tuning, receive a vibrational healing session. Like all treatments, maximum benefit is derived over multiple sessions.

9. Skype Sessions 

10. Intensive Cancer Care: Holistic Psychological and Spiritual Treatment ($1200 / 90 minute session)

Are you scared and going through treatment for cancer? I can offer you 90 minute treatment sessions with 3 Reiki Masters and/or ThetaHealing practitioners. For optimal outcomes, plan for at least 10-20 sessions. Sessions typically held on the weekend.

11. Healing Food Addiction Specialised Treatment 

  1. Heal the oral fixation formed from 0-18 months;
  2. Heal being too emotional or too emotionally constricted;
  3. Heal being in your mother‘s womb and absorbing her fears, anxieties and worries;
  4. Heal any fears, anxieties or worries absorbed from your father (either covert and/or overt);
  5. Align your head and heart to develop congruence;
  6. Strengthen your perseverance and self-control;
  7. Develop authority of your inner spirit over your willpower rather than the addiction having that power;
  8. Heal negative role modelling influences from your mother or father regarding food issues;
  9. Heal your body from any damage caused by the years of various addiction;
  10. Apologise to your body;
  11. Forgive yourself for choices made;
  12. Eliminate cravings;
  13. Instil the ability to make healthy food choices, especially at the point of purchase;
  14. Instil the ability consume mindfully;
  15. Replace all of this with The Creator’s (God’s) unconditional love and power;
  16. Finally, pursue the 12-steps of overcoming addiction for complete freedom.

12. 16 Session Transformational Healing Program 

You will receive 16 treatment sessions in this comprehensive healing program conducted fortnightly or monthly, each ending with ThetaHealing. Each session focuses on a key spiritual principal or universal law that cumulatively will heal and transform your life. You will grow in inner strength, well-being and resilience with each session and see your life transform before your very eyes.

In between sessions, you are expected to practice daily what you have learned. Only by investing time, effort and energy will you gain full benefit of this healing program.

This is a powerful and dynamic healing program that has been designed for massive transformation in the shortest amount of time. This is well worth the investment and client feedback has been astounding.

The program will cover the following:

  1. Initial assessment: Family of origin, genogram
  2. Cognitive restructuring: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) model explained and what the Buddha taught over 2500 years ago
  3. Emotional regulation: Start to feel better, psychoeducation on feelings, emotional processing of trauma
  4. Self-talk reprogramming: Change your thoughts > change your life, Shad Helmstetter, affirmations
  5. The mind-body link for inner transformation: Meditation, relaxation response, breath work
  6. Intention setting: The power of prayer, God > aka Universal Intelligence Life Force
  7. Forgiveness: Parents, partners, self, others (including God, children, siblings etc)
  8. Gratitude: Raise your vibration to the highest level with a shift of your mental thought processes
  9. Self-healing: Optimal EFT, prayer, journaling > The Morning Pages (other options include Emotional freedom technique (tapping), Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT), Reiki attunement)
  10. Social network assessment: Partner, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, children, etc
  11. Abundance mindset and manifesting: Visualisation, finances, in the vein of Florence Scovel Shinn, Tosha Silver
  12. Unconditional self-love: Louise Hay’s mirror work, repair self-esteem, finally develop self-respect, body image > loving your body, a gift from God
  13. Establishment of hope, faith and trust
  14. Heart centred practices: HeartMath, heart healing, heart-centred intimacy, manifesting love, Reiki attunement
  15. Lifestyle: Diet, exercise, sleep, consumption of entertainment, career
  16. Review, consolidate learning, setting up a daily practice (The Miracle Morning)

13. Intuitive Healing Session

All sessions are intuitive, but you don’t have to specifically choose one of the above healing modalities. Come along, let me do an assessment and gain an understanding of where you’re at and intuitive figure out what is the most powerful treatment(s) for your situation. I’m always trying to work myself out of a job, of wanting clients to say, “You’ve been an incredible help, Sue, and I’m healed now and I don’t need to come back.” This is great! I’m all for the most powerful, transformative healings within the shortest amount of time. Come along and let’s see what unfolds because I believe in miracles and magic happens.

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Thank you. I look forward to working with you. Any questions, please email